Lifestyle modification in PCOS

Dr. Sandra Jayesh
October 11, 2023
3 minutes
Women eating foods with spon

PCOS is caused by imbalance in your reproductive hormones and your lifestyle has a major role in keeping them balanced. Small and consistent lifestyle changes can help in controlling PCOS and your health in general. These changes include diet, yoga, exercise, stress management and sleep. These are the fundamentals which can decrease the risk for chronic diseases, reducing inflammation, preventing unfavourable weight changes, and other side-effects seen with this condition.

PCOS Friendly Diet

PCOS-friendly diet isn’t very different from what would be generally healthy for the average individual, and it includes all food groups such as all macronutrients (carbohydrate, fat, and protein) with fibre at all meals and snacks. Diet matters because it can make the response to insulin slower, steadier, and prevent or reverse the development of insulin resistance.

 A balanced PCOS diet can also mean better PCOS symptom management, more regular ovulation, and improved fertility; along with optimising health. 

It is better to consult a personal nutritionist and customise a diet plan based on your needs and concerns.

Empower through Yoga

Yoga is a unique technique that connects the body and mind. It is an invaluable discipline that helps to balance and harmonise our mind. 

In PCOS, Practicing yoga regularly helps to:

• Improve blood circulation to the pelvic areas

• Reduce blood sugar levels and testosterone levels

• Improve the hormonal imbalance and help in losing/maintaining weight

Several asanas help to open up the pelvic region and infuse blood and oxygen into all organs which improves digestion, metabolism and hormone secretion. This aid in reducing cysts, acne, bloating, unwanted hair growth and thus improves fertility in general. Women suffering from PCOS can regularly practice yoga under the guidance of a trained yoga practitioner.

Work it out

Work on You for You. Exercising regularly reduces the impact of PCOS on your life. In order to lose weight and improve your cardiovascular system, nothing beats a good exercise regimen. Work out has to be planned and practiced in consultation with a health trainer.

Manage stress

Staying strong in a healthy way includes 'Mental wellness' of a person. PCOS and its associated symptoms can be incredibly stressful on you. Reducing your stress can help manage symptoms and make it easier for you to adapt better lifestyle choices overall as well. Never give up. Try by adopting more stress-relieving practices, like meditation, stress busters, etc . You may also find it beneficial to speak with a counsellor.

Sleep Cycle

You should follow the health Mantra “Early to bed and early to rise”. At least 7-8 hours of sleep is required and is adequate for an individual. Keeping awake late night and getting up very late in the morning will disturb metabolism badly and worsen PCOS. 

Sleeping in day times or oversleeping too can aggravate the condition. Calm and restful sleep at an appropriate time can do miracles. It has the power to control PCOS.

Dealing with PCOS can be frustrating, but these small changes in your lifestyle can help in reversing the condition. In fact, these lifestyle changes will not only improve your PCOS, they’ll deliver amazing benefits to your overall health. Remember that your body is the reflection of your lifestyle.