PCOS and Pregnancy

Dr. Vandana
October 11, 2023
3 minutes
Pregnancy belly

Fertility is one of the most concerned topic when it comes to PCOS, as many fear that they may never conceive if they have PCOS. Well, it’s not true. As many as  20% of women with infertility problems have been diagnosed with PCOS, but with right lifestyle management and medical help, several women have successfully conceived and carried their pregnancy to term.

Here  are few of the answers to your questions on fertility and PCOS. 

Am i infertile, if i have PCOS?

The answer is NO. But might find it hard to conceive. Here is why. 

As PCOS is a condition caused due to hormonal and endocrine issues among women, chances of producing higher levels of male hormones or androgens are likely to be high.This in turn affects their menstrual cycles, making them irregular, thereby affecting their ovulation, thus less chances of fertilisation, hence no pregnancy. 

How can i get make it easier to conceive, if i have PCOS?

You need to regulate your periods and ensure that you’re ovulating. Lifestyle changes and exercise can prove to be very significant in regularising periods and also in ensuing that your body is prepared for pregnancy. 

Go for PCOS friendly diet

We have numerous articles and videos available on the social media that claim to have prefect PCOS diet that you must follow. However, what works for one person, might not always work for you. Therefore, it is always better to create a customised diet plan based on your needs and concerns. Thus, it is always better to consult a Nutritionist, by understanding your your dietary needs, underlying deficiencies, and dietary triggers, and thus the Nutritionist will be able to come up with a meal plan that suits you best. 

The diet diet for PCOS should :
  • Treat the root cause of your concerns 
  • Identify dietary triggers that can worsen your PCOS symptoms
  • Identify underlying deficiencies common with PCOS and focuses on correcting for them
Include Exercises to your daily routine

Weight gain especially around the abdomen is most common among people with PCOS, which is because of insulin resistance and thereby causing lower metabolic rate. Thus, with right form of exercise, you can resolute your hormones and also aid in regularising menstrual cycles.  

Meditation and Sleep

Studies have proven that meditation can have a profound positive impact on women suffering from PCOS. One of the crucial reason is that it helps to curb stress, which is considered to be the major cause behind the weakening immune system functioning.